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New York City meets Munich

January 31st, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Conny View definition in a new window and I went to a T.E.S. meeting last night on caning. I’m glad she could experience T.E.S. while here. The presentation was interesting, but wasn’t quite as informative as I had hoped. Or rather, I discovered I already knew most what the presenter was saying, which I don’t feel is all that much. He did have some good points and some funny anecdotes, and I certainly learned a thing or two. But like most T.E.S. presentations, even though the speaker is knowledgable and experienced, they aren’t the most dynamic presenters.

And I didn’t get lost getting there, my sense of direction became confused for a moment. I always get confused in the East Village. Who doesn’t? And the night earlier, I was simply one block too far east to catch the Lexington line. I just don’t spend that much time on the Upper East Side either. So, we never got lost in New York City. Just a little misguided. One I got my bearings, we were fine.

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