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January 30th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I’ve been helping Jennifer get her new pre-paid AT&T cell phone online, and I’ve learned that AT&T offers very, very brain-damaged customer support. Automated phone systems that do not work. Improper activation procedures that require multiple calls to address. Incorrect phone numbers listed on the web site. Online accessory catalogs that break. The whole customer support infrastructure for AT&T pre-paid wireless seems like it’s a shambles.

But, Verizon never fails to disappoint either. I’m trying to activate a phone to replace the one that I lost. I figure that should be a phone call… So what’s the phone number for customer service for Verizon. Let’s go to the Verizon web site, and find it!


The contact information isn’t hidden in a bad interface. It’s deliberately left out. Nothing inspires a warm and fuzzy feeling in a customer than a company that explicitly attempts to keep you from calling them.

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