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January 29th, 2001 · No Comments · Uncategorized

BlogVoices is back online. Thank you Pyra. Thank you for Blogger, and thanks for picking up support of BlogVoices. I had a sneaking suspicion that BlogVoices was not going to go away.

I met Conny View definition in a new window at Newark International airport on Saturday afternoon. Now you know why I haven’t gotten around to fixing the site design. Conny and I had a quiet weekend together as we recovered from our time apart. The cultural highlight of the weekend was seeing Black Tie Optional, Irene Hultman’s offering in the Joyce Something Different dance festival. I would like to Irene’s site, but it’s not done yet. Mainly because I’m the one who supposed to whip it together. Ooops. Jennifer introduced me to Irene, both the woman and her work. The last performance I saw that Irene choregraphed, Love, Betrayal and a Bowling Trophy was so amazing, I saw it twice. I’m not a big fan of modern dance, but Irene’s work is simply fun and clever, a real delight to watch. Black Tie Optional has some of that same spark in some of the pieces, and I’m glad Conny could see it. It didn’t have the punch or focus of Love, Betrayal and a Bowling Trophy, but it was still very enjoyable.

I learn a lot from being with Conny. She communicates in many different ways, and it’s a joy learning to listen with more than just my ears.

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