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December 28th, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

There is now a Windows client to Alchera. Game Communities and Conny View definition in a new window have done what Delta Tao can’t be bothered with. Congratulations to all the people who worked very hard to make it happen. Since the release of the Windows beta client, Alchera has been seeing it’s peak user count increase each day.

Another reminder that Game Communities is a business, focused on growth and customers, and Delta Tao is a hobby. Delta Tao still doesn’t have a secure web site. They just can’t be bothered. And it’s nice to see how the Clan Lord user community keeps growing. Oh, wait a minute, it’s pretty flat, isn’t it? After a year, we’ve pretty much held even. This is good enough for Joe, since it keeps a steady stream of money coming in, and his costs are low since he pays for almost nothing. Growth would mean more effort, and if Joe isn’t going to make the effort, and he’s not going to pay any one else to make the effort (though there are new GMs on staff now, which is encouraging, but perhaps too little too late), then where the hell is the game going?

The communication from Delta Tao about Clan Lord and their vision for it is a giant sucking sound. I think if it wasn’t for my great clan mates and a few other really special people I’d terminate my accounts. The less I play, the less I want to play. When I think about the squandered potential of what Delta Tao has, I get so discouraged.

I really hope Alchera takes off and becomes much bigger than Clan Lord, even though I’ll never really be able to enjoy it as much due to the language difference. Alchera can demonstrate what can be done, even given the flawed mechanics and quirky engineering of the Clan Lord engine, when it is managed with a sense of vision and an eye towards a positive customer experience.

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