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New York City meets Munich

December 27th, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Conny View definition in a new window has arrived safe and sound, and actually a wee bit early. Leave it to the Germans to land a plane an hour early. It pretty much prevented me from meeting her at the airport. I had planned to leave work early and head to the airport, but I was cutting it close to begin with. When I saw her flight was ahead of schedule, I realized I’d probably to get to the airport after she cleared customs. So I barraged her with voicemail and SMS as her welcome, and had her meet me at my place.

I was looking forward to the time in the cab together with her though. It seemed like a great way to ease into things. For days before, I had run through various scenarios in my mind about how the time would go. So, with some disapointment, I had to switch to plan B. Instead, I greeted her at the door of my apartment wrapped only in saran wrap and a blue ribbon. Except when I opened my door, it wasn’t her, but the maintenance guy coming to check the radiators. Boy, was that embarassing. I did get the maintenance guy’s phone number, so it wasn’t a complete loss. It’s also amazing how hot saran wrap is.

Well, that’s one alternate scenario that occured to me. What really happened is much less interesting to anyone other than me, I think. I basically had plans of attacking her the moment the door of the apartment was closed, and having my way with her. But, we proceeded in a much more civilized and gradual way. We spent the early part of the evening peeling away the two weeks of seperation, as we lay upon the couch talking. The cold weather outside made the idea of venturing from the apartment pretty unappealing, so we ordered in. When the food was done, other appetites grew more intense…

Which reminds of a quote from Broadcast News, one of my favorite films, (aided by my sense of identification with the Albert Brooks character, Aaron):

Tom: “What do you do when your real life exceeds your dreams?”
Aaron: “Keep it to yourself.”

So it’s time for another poll. Once again, you, the reader, help shoulder the awesome editorial responsibility of this humble site.

What would you like to hear about during Conny’s visit this week?

Romance and poetic sweetness
Explicit, sweaty, smutty details
Both of the above
Just the facts, please
Enough about Conny, you’re boring when you’re happy

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