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November 29th, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

So much for going to bed early. Another 3AM night. I think I’m actually learning to adapt to live on 4 hours of sleep a day. Of course, then the weekend comes, and I sleep through all of Saturday… No chance for that this weekend, though. Not with Michael and Oliver descending upon me. Sleep, when they are around, is always optional.

Of course, I was up for a very good reason. For starters, I didn’t get home until 10PM, because it was one of those days where I found a bunch of things to do instead of going home from work. This is probably because I knew that dishes, laundry, cleaning and bills were waiting for me patiently. But I did do some errands that I needed to do, so it wasn’t a total wash.

I picked up some more rope, as today I’m going to a workshop on bondage harnesses being held as T.E.S. For doing harnesses, you work with longer pieces, and my longest in my collection was 30 foot, at least 20 feet too short. So now I have two fine 50 foot pieces. I diligently marked the ends to show length, and marked the mid and quarter points. This is not as easy as it sounds when you don’t have a huge apartment. I now know that the longest straight run in my apartment is 24 feet. It is also not easy when the rope is black. I have to use nail polish and synthetic rope absorbs the color, so it takes several coats. So I’m on the floor of my apartment at 2 am, dabbing tiny red dots on to the ends of the rope with nail polish. The store where I bought them, Purple Passion, coiled them up beautifully, so I figured out how they did it (not hard), and coiled all my rope that way. So, now my rope kit is a thing of beauty and function, ready to be seen by the world. Presentation is key when you’re doing bondage, and now my rope kit looks pretty stunning.

If you are in New York City, and are a kinkster, or even just a curious vanilla, you owe it yourself to stop by Purple Passion. It’s a great store, with a friendly, approachable boutique atmosphere, and they have pretty much everything, from fetish fashions, to rope, to toys, to books and videos. All in all, a great store, with a very friendly staff.

Kim kept me company online while I waited for various coats of nail polish to dry. She can be “butt-gustingly” funny. We talked about the tangled web that is the Red Quill, and it made me glad to be in the Rat Bastards, where the only thing that is tangled is our collective thought patterns. She also dispensed some sage advice on the nature of friendship. I really look forward to seeing her and Jeff again, and it won’t be soon enough. She complained that I haven’t been clanning, and we both complained that Nori hasn’t been clanning, though her excuse is she is once again travelling. For some reason, November is a busy month for her.

I saw my therapist yesterday. Yes, I see a therapist, what good Manhattanite doesn’t have a therapist? I haven’t been seeing her regularly, since I’m trying desperately to pinch pennies. It probably was a month since I saw her last, and I felt it was a good idea to check in, since so much as happened this month. It was a very affirming 45 minutes. In spite of some ups and downs, I am a very happy person, and I feel very in charge of my life. I have never been this alive, nor presented with so many opportunities. Life is good.

Alchera is soon to start a public beta test of a Windows client. For you people in Clan Lord, that means nothing other than Delta Tao doesn’t give a rat’s ass about growing Clan Lord. While we suffer through a totally uncoordinated and under-managed hodge-podge of a development process with Clan Lord, Alchera actually makes some real progress. My hat is off to you, Connie, and your fine team, for this accomplishment. And to you, Joe, for all your talk about all the things you don’t want to do in Clan Lord because “they won’t scale,” perhaps you should look at how you manage your team, and realize how poorly that will scale, seeing at how broken it is right now. I think the real reason DT is so hesitant to grow the GM team is that Joe is so bad at project management, and so good at demotivating contributors.

Do you have a tattoo? If you do, I’d love to hear the story of why you got it, what it means to you, and how you currently feel about it. Let me know.

I think I can stretch out 3 meals from one order of Chinese food. That’s a pretty good deal.

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