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October 31st, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Congratulations go to Conny from Alchera for a correct solution to the sequence problem. I’ll sit tight a bit before I reveal it, since I want to give HGM a chance… Don’t help him Conny View definition in a new window. Bonus points to Conny, because oddly enough, this puzzle is biased against her. I’ll explain why tomorrow, when I reveal the solution and the moral. Why am I not surprised that someone from Alchera would get this in a day? An accidental example of how Alchera gets it and Clan Lord does not? Maybe I should learn German and switch. I’d probably have more fun.

HGM and I continue to lock horns on usenet. Mind you, it’s a good natured locking. I just strongly disagree with about 10% of HGMs approach, and it’s that 10% of what he does that I find bad for Clan Lord.

The Rat Bastards beat Rising Claw in the race through the badlands Dun’ilsar challenge in a very close contest. Basically I think we won because we got lucky when one of their runners fogged out for a bit. But, the contest was a lot of fun, and Rising Claw were good sports. Better sports then we were when they kicked our asses in the arena, I think. I think the race challenge was a lot more fun than the arena challenge though. We won’t pick an arena challenge again. If we did the race with Rising Claw again, it’s a pretty even match. If we did the arnea challenge again, they’d beat us every time.

Somehow the wire on my power supply for my laptop got mauled. I’d have to wiggle it sometimes to get power. Last night, I wiggled it, and was treated to a beautiful, but blessedly tiny display of sparks and smoke. Needless to say, I unplugged it. (At least it happened after the Dun’ilsar.) So I’ve got about 90 minutes of battery life on my powerbook, before I’m totally out of luck. So, where to get a replacement power supply? Online of course! I went to Powerbook Central and they add three links / ads to vendors:, Mac Connection and Club Mac. Basically, I opened a window to each to see which one could do the best job of getting me a replacement. Club Mac had the best search feature, since I could sellect “Power accessories” and key in “powerbook”. In one click, I was looking at replacement power supplies. But, Club Mac could not guarantee when I would get it, since they don’t stock it. Both Mac Connection and Outpost took a bit of digging to find the right thing, since I searched for “powerbook”. Outpost was simply out of stock. Mac Connection could guarantee overnight shipping (this is at 11PM) so they got the order. Club Mac did have a better price, though, about $10 cheaper. But, I need the power supply ASAP, and I want to know for sure that it’s coming, so I payed the premium. It should be waiting for me when I get home from work. The Internet is a good thing.

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