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October 30th, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Maybe I’m too sensitive to his more vacuous posts, but sometimes HGM warrants a corrective slap.

The tired old thread about “sharing with mystics has subtle benefits for the person sharing” crap really gets on my nerves. I know a share helps the mystics, in more ways than just experience. I know a mystic share is good protocol, in case you fall alone somewhere, the mystic will know and can tell people. But, if it helps in other ways, it’s completely undetectable. So when HGM says “it’s subtle” he’s using that word in a way in which I’m not familiar. It’s not like the Clan Lord interface present a wealth of sensory data. If regular players cannot discern the difference, there is no difference. Perception is reality. And this does not include superstitious dunderheads who can “tell” what the effect is, just like they can “tell” what dramatic statistic changes have been made each update (when really nothing has changed.)

Would a perceptible cause and effect really break the game? I mean, is it ludicrious to assume we might be able to make some informed choices? Sometimes I am convinced that everything in Clan Lord is a fricking guessing game because (a) if it were all laid out, it would be trivially dull, because everything is so linear and simplistic, and there are no meaningful player choices and (b) so DT can dick around with game mechanics relentlessly and without accountability, to add a dynamic to the game that’s lacking in the fundamental design. Basically “subtlety” is the drape that hide the giant fudge factor that props up Clan Lord.

Since you love subtle puzzles, HGM, here’s one to keep you busy so you don’t churn out more painfully aggravating areas. What’s the next three numbers in this sequence: 4,14,23,34,42,50,59,72,81… HGM, if you send me the answer, I’ll send you $10 via PayPal. Anyone else who gets the answer in to me will be mentioned on these very pages. Big hint: the answer to the puzzle has a moral. This offer expires in a few days, so get crackin’.

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