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October 30th, 2000 · No Comments · Uncategorized

While talking about diaries, I would have mentioned Shrug’s diary, except that it’s been down for awhile. I enjoyed Shrug’s site when it was up, and it’s a shame he’s not around anymore.

I saw that wasn’t on Worg’s list of all links Clan Lord. I was going to e-mail him, but I can’t really call a “Clan Lord” diary. Sure, it’s frequently about Clan Lord, but hardly exclusively, and it’s more about the things that go on around Clan Lord, and not in it. I get a kick out of Worg’s attempt to sell a banner ad. You go, Zo. I hope you nail that fifty cents. Nosuch will always be ad free, because I’m not kidding myself.

I did a lot of Clanning this weekend. Even when I went out to visit a friend, we clanned a bit. With the Feast of T’ssrin going on, there’s a lot of activity, and most of it is pretty funny. I’m looking forward to doing the Dun’ilsar with my clan in costume. We’re all going as rats. (We’re the Rat Bastards, so it makes sense.) I even got invited on a hunt to Noth with Ziff, Babajaga and few others. I didn’t do horribly, but then again, with the group I was with, probably a newbie would have done well. One of the few hunting ranks I’ve gotten in a long time. Worf is getting damn close to having a 1,000 ranks. And he still sucks.

There’s a certain voyeuristic thrill in watching another person Clan. You get to see the lands in a different way. Of course, it helps if the person you’re watching also plays very differently from you. It also helps if the person you’re watching play is easy on the eyes too. (Ok, cheap flattery, I admit.) One Pyrrhic victory was had from the visit, though. As part of the new Nox Sorora glasnost, Lilit agreed she should have a diary. The price I have to pay is I finally have to help her get the Nox Sorora site updated, which I had promised to do a long time ago. The diary will actually be for all the Noxies, something easy to do with Blogger. So, I take on yet another project. I can be such a sucker.

The Tenebrion story is encouraging, as it shows DT is willing to try the idea of a story GM. All I can say is: finally. And at least the story isn’t some hokey black and white nonsense. Kudos to the person behind it. The best stories are always going to be ones that are divisive to the population, and Tenebrion is doing just that. A good GM controlled story can’t pit the GM against the exiles, since the dramatic leverage will never work. Instead, the story has to be a fulcrum, where exiles interact with other exiles, and that interaction IS the story. Unfortunately, pinheads like Outcast can only view things in terms of player versus game, and don’t get this. Not that it matters, really, mostly his loss.

I strongly recommend that anyone who cares about stories and drama in Clan Lord join the Tenebrion eGroup. The story GM is being remarkably candid about the process, and it’s nice to see a willingness to learn, and a receptiveness to player input. I just hope the Tenebrion GM doesn’t suffer from the standard GM syndrome, which means a ton of involvement for a short time, followed by a long a period of minimal involvement, followed by disappearance and an unfinished effort. Sometimes I worry that’s inevitable, between Joe’s alleged indifference and thanklessness towards the GMs, and the harsh, mean-spirited criticism of a vocal player minority. I have my fingers crossed, though.

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