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I finally responded to all the hub-bub of our Dun’ilsar competion in Clan Lord. Here’s the reply:

Well, before I really respond to the various flames arising from our Dun’ilsar stunt, I can’t pass this little gem from Math up.

Runner pointed out DM violated an explicit condition of the challenge, which is Tarf ran two legs, the first leg, and when Romuli was taken to court, he ran the third, and as mentioned in the challenge:

>> Any three exiles from each clan shall do the running.

Math replied:

> Does not specify three DIFFERENT exiles.

How do YOU count exiles, Math? (Ironic that’s your name!)

Leg 1. Tarf

Leg 2. Jenna

Leg 3. Tarf

How many exiles is that? You dwarves count strangely! I count TWO. Maybe all that beer you drink causes you to see double…

But that doesn’t really matter to me. I don’t care who won, really. We do it for fun. I don’t want to spend any energy on a dispute if it’s going to get people bent out of shape. I can see people are just taking this way too seriously. If the DM is feels so slighted by what we did that we can’t discuss it without name-calling, screw it. DM wins. We won’t contest it.

DM may be convinced we “ruined the fun”, but really, when in comes down to it, while we may have pulled this stunt, but our intention is fully tongue in cheek, and meant to give people a good laugh. We thought outside the box in our attempt at interference, and we did it to give people a good jolt, and to point out a loop hole.

It was a member of the Dwarven Militia who solicited the karma bombing over the sunstone network. It was also the Dwarven Militia who called a lot of really nasty and unkind names as well. So be it, I’m not getting upset about either of those things, but if you look at what each clan did, I can stand by our actions with a smile in my face, glad that what we did in the end will improve the Dun’ilsar rules, and maybe gave some people, those people who can keep a sense of humor about things, a good laugh. If the Dwarven Militia can stand by karma bombing and viciously insulting people, and telling us how ashamed we ought to be, then good for you. I can look at what we did, and know that some people got the joke. I can’t see much “fun” in calling someone an “asshole” or the fun in telling “everyone bad karma bomb Runner”. But, maybe that’s the Dwarven Militia idea of fun.

I’m proud of my Bastards. Everything each of them does makes me smile and laugh. If we get kicked out of Dun’ilsar for being too creative, I don’t want to be in it. We don’t really care what our ranking in the Dun’ilsar is. We don’t do the challenges for the sake of winning. And we don’t even really do it for “thrill of competition.” We do it for fun, for both ourselves and the clan we challenge. With that in mind, I do not think what we did was wrong, in any way, shape or form. In fact, we did it understanding full well that we might have to redo the challenge, or even concede it. We knew we might face a frivolous verdict, and a hefty fine. We did it for the sheer experience of it.

Things that would be totally unacceptable outside of Dun’silar, such as leading monsters onto someone and causing them to fall, to preventing a rescue, are commonly part and parcel of a challenge. Ironic that these ordinarily would lead to a court case in many circumstances. So the standard mores of Puddleby are suspended during a Dun’silar in every other way, except the ONE thing we did? I don’t understand this.

So what if it’s court? Is this an “abuse”? Frankly, I don’t see how court can be abused. Not too long before Dun’ilsar, our Rat Bastard Sheriff was taken to court for assaulting a Thoom. A bit of a scene had taken place in town, you see, and it was done all in good fun. Now None the Above was found guilty of something that we all know can’t really happen in a meaningful way in the context of the game. Everyone involved in the encounter was role-playing and just being silly. But the end result was a fine and jail time for None the Above. Now, the person who initiated that case didn’t really have a grievance against None, but it was a fun extension of what was going on.

What I’m getting to is, court is just another venue to use in playing Clan Lord. It is not any more or less serious than any other aspect of the game. First, anyone, including myself, who signs up for jury duty, knows they will face a wide gamut of cases, some totally silly, and some quite interesting. And even further, a player can opt out of jury selection by simply sleeping before they are summoned, so participation in the jury is truly consensual. The charge we used was “speeding,” which is clearly pretty silly, although quite appropriate given we were racing, so a potential juror would have a pretty good clue to what was going to happen.

So, court is just court. You can go to jail, you can get fined, but in the end, court is there for all people in the lands to use as they see fit, as long as they understand the consequences involved.

And to say that using court for interference is akin to a denial-of-service attack is losing tremendous perspective. I think it’s pretty clear one is in-character, and one is out-of-character. Exploiting how the lands work is what “interference” is about. Members of the DM kept bumping the boat rental people so I couldn’t get a boat. That’s technically an “exploit” too, and a damn clever one at that. What’s the difference?

We allow “murder” during a race that allows interference, but not a lawsuit? It’s the same thing, unless specifically banned. Period. Get over it. We change the rules, have a good laugh about it, and move on. It’s not worth anyone getting their knickers in such a twist about it. Let’s make sure everyone realizes this is just for fun and all, and that its okay to laugh once in awhile.

So, to Math: no apology is coming from me, because the Rat Bastards didn’t do anything wrong. At best, you don’t get the joke, and at worst, you take the competition a wee bit too seriously. Frankly, I think the collective heads of the Dwarven Militia would have exploded if we had actually won the race, and that’s a wee bit intense if you ask me.

To Fleming: We innovated, nothing more, nothing less. To me, this is no different than if someone used a purgatory pendant to win if the pendant wasn’t specifically banned. But we will always abide by the rules of any contest, and we do it with a with good natured friendliness and camaraderie. This is truly the spirit of Dun’ilsar in my mind. If you look at the full behavior of the two clans in this contest, from all that was said and done, during and after, you tell me which one is acting more in the spirit of Dun’ilsar then.

And, damn it, Romuli WAS speeding!

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